A restaurant under the trees or on private terraces with beautiful views of the Atlas and the lake :

  • Lunch under the wonderful pistachio and olive trees in the garden or next to the pool.
  • Dine on a terrace at the top of the hill or in the Kasbah's lounge, with beautiful views of the mountains.

The Kasbah Beldi has a vegetable garden and fruit trees, allowing the chefs to prepare dishes with the harvest from the garden.

To spend the day at the Kasbah Beldi:

  • Lunch 260 dh
  • Lunch + pool access (towels, mats and hats available): 330 dh
  • For Moroccan residents and residents at the Hotel du Beldi: discount of 30 dh/person
  • Children under 12: lunch 150 dh, with swimming pool access: 200 dh (free for children under 3 years)
  • If staying at the hotel of the Kasbah Beldi, lunch + swimming pool 230 dh